Madrid Extending Dining Table

Madrid Extending Dining Table

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Madrid Extending Dining Table 马德里 实木餐桌 (伸展前1.86米长, 伸展后2.36米长)

The Madrid Extending Dining Table is a telescopic extending rectangular table which transforms from a 186cm family table into a large entertaining table for friends and extended family gatherings going up to 236cm with a butterfly leaf system that cleverly folds away inside the table. Its large surface area and extendable potential gives this dining table all the practicality you need as well as style, allowing it to work beautifully with any interior style, modern or traditional.

Made of solid mahogany, and is complimented by quartered Oak parquet inlaid veneers in a natural mellow finish top. With a sophisticated distressed finish giving the feel of a much loved family antique, a timeless piece fit for any home.

Dimension unextended: W186 x D90 x H76 cm 

Dimension extended with one extension panel: W236 x D90 x H76 cm 

折叠后尺寸:长186 x 宽90 x 高76 厘米

伸展后尺寸:长236 x 宽90 x 高76 厘米

Most suitable with any natural colour floor including the Madrid collection.

  • Stylish and sophisticated dining table made by solid mahogany
  • Starting as a 6 seater, or 8 people when extension panel are used.
  • Painted finish with carving detail on its legs crafted by hand
  • Exceptional build quality throughout
  • Minimal assembly required
Madrid Extending Dining Table
Madrid Extending Dining Table
Madrid Extending Dining Table